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Proizvođač: FINIS
Gume se dijele u 3 kategorije
Crvena - teška, Žuta - srednja, Zelena - lagana

FINIS Gume za rastezanje

SKU: 1-05-113
    • Za TRENING NA SUHOM                                                               Simulates swimming movements out of the water and isolates vital muscles
    • RESISTANCE TRAINING                                                                     Builds strength and endurance
    • FULL BODY WORKOUT                                                               Trains triceps, chest, biceps, shoulders and abs
    • RANGE OF MOTION                                                               Improves flexibility and range of motion for all four swim strokes
    • REHABILITATION                                                                               Builds specific muscle strength to prevent or combat injury  
    • FOAM-COATED HANDLES                                                     Provides comfort and safety
    • COMPACT Small and lightweight cords for easy travel
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