One of the least permeable suits on the market, the Hydrospeed® Velo utilizes compression racing technology that supports muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and heighten nerve senses. The Hydrospeed® Velo includes a revolutionary blend of fabric that merges high compression panel construction with a lightweight feel. The advanced suit technology provides superior friction reduction in the water, limiting resistance against the body.  Laser cut fabric and tapered edges create smooth seams and secure grip around the legs. The Hydrospeed® Velo has a unique structure design around the pelvis area providing a custom fit for increased support and compression to vital core muscles.

FINIS Hydrospeed Velo Jammer

SKU: 1-10-140-101
    • FRICTION ELIMINATION PANELS Compression panels placed strategically around body to add 150% more compression than lycra 
    • 4-WAY STRETCH FABRIC Provides perfect compression around the muscles and body 
    • ULTRA-THIN PROFILE 0.25mm thickness compared to standard Lycra 0.60mm thickness 
    • WELDED SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY Creates a seamless structure around the suit and reduces drag friction 
    • ITALIAN CALENDARED FABRIC Technical heating process produces an ultra smooth and lightweight surface 
    • MINIMAL PERMEABILITY The permeability value of our fabric is at the legal limit as set by 
    • FINA HIGH COMPRESSION PANELS Supports the muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and heightens nerve senses 
    • BLENDED MATERIALS Superior friction reduction limiting resistance on the body 
    • PANEL CONSTRUCTION Allows for compression and freedom where you need it most 
    • LASER CUT FABRIC Creates a smooth edge that lays flat and firm against the body 
    • TAPED EDGES Creates a secure grip against the legs 
    • PELVIC SUPPORT AREA Unique structure design around the pelvis area provides a custom fit for increased support and compression to vital core muscles