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Cijena je informativna te ovisi o količini i uvjetima isporuke.

WATER TREADMILL With its fluidity of movement, the Aquajogg combines the benefits of water’s buoyancy with those of walking or running. At your own pace, work on muscle strengthening, stamina and rehabilitation in total safety thanks to excellent stability. The Aquajogg is designed for daily intensive use in group or individual classes. It can be used with bare feet. The innovative folding system is space-saving and the silicone wheels facilitate immersion in the water without marking the floor.

Waterflex AquaJogg

Šifra proizvoda: WX-AQUAJOGG
€ 1.873,75Cijena
  • Sve informacije o proizvodu kao i cijenu molimo da se obratite upitom na mail.

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